From cottage industry to gourmet success story

From cottage industry to gourmet success story At the core of Equagold’s business and derived from the company’s origins is our vanilla business. Vanilla Direct® started as a small cottage business importing vanilla and making vanilla extract for the New Zealand retail gourmet food market and the food service industry.

Equagold® describes the origins of the Vanilla itself. Grown in a narrow band either side of the equator and sometimes referred to as “black gold”, the name simply means Equator Gold. Whether you choose Equagold’s pure vanilla extracts or try our Vanilla Grapeseed Oil or Vanilla & Herb Sea Salt, you can be assured that there are no additives or manufacturing methods that will compromise all that is natural in the vanilla pods themselves.

Equagold Fine Food Ingredients

Fundamental to Equagold’s values is a commitment to quality. In addition, to our pure Vanilla products, we also offer the following:

With Equagold, it’s Fine Ingredients, Fine Dining

Equagold’s HACCP Food Safety Programme is approved by the NZFSA.

Equagold Limited has established close ties with the Restaurant Association and sponsors the New Zealand Pastry Team of the Year at the Culinary Fare.

Vanilla Products

Equagold_Chocolate_Vanilla_Syrup120mm (3)_250

Chocolate and Vanilla Syrup
Equagold’s wonderful Chocolate And Vanilla Syrup is a must for choco-holics! Midnight Delight!!

Ideal with ice cream, and even in yoghurt..

Drizzled over your favourite cheesecake, or white chocolate panna cotta and served with cherries. MMmmmmm. oh yes, and also over pavlova, or hazelnut meringue–Christmas dessert will take on a new twist.

Match it with Equagold Hazelnut Praline Crunch for an extra twist over desserts.

It is also an easy option for making moccacchino and hot chocolate, (made with Equagold Ultimate IndulgentDrinking Chocolate of course), with a good pot of steamed milk. Finish these drinks with a well crafted Choc syrup drizzle on the top of the drink.

Dairy and Gluten Free.

Nut Free

Size: 200ml

Sugar Pure Vanilla Raw Equagold New Zealand_250

Golden Light Organic Raw Vanilla Sugar Bag
Certified Organic Raw sugar carefully blended with ground vanilla pods. This is a very fine grain sugar and blends easily with butter. Use in general baking in place of brown sugar or use it in marinades or even glazing hams. Try it on Salmon mixed with oil to make a paste rub. To quote one customer, “That wonderful Vanilla Sugar” so experiment and be surprised!

Available in a 750g paper bag with a window.

Tip: Use Organic Vanilla Raw Sugar to caramelise Onions, and serve with Steak.

Mix 2-3 TBSP with Equagold Vanilla Grapeseed Oil and rub over salmon fillets, and roast for 15mins at 180 Degrees, or smoke on the BBQ in a smoker with the BBQ top down, also for 15mins.

Committed to quality.

Size: 750gm

MANGOvanillasyrup copy_250

Mango & Vanilla Syrup (w/ vanilla seeds)
This tropical twist on our Vanilla Syrup is a delicate mix of Vanilla and Mango and is also wonderful over ice-cream, crepes, waffles etc, and also great as a glaze over fresh-out-of-the-oven fruit bread.

It makes a nice finishing touch’ over barbequed or pan fried chicken also.

Just let your imagination run wild.

Size: 200ml

Organic certified Pure Vanilla Extract pod equagold_250

Organic (Cert) Madagascan Vanilla Extract
Equagold’s Vanilla Extract range now includes this Bourbon Variety made with Certified Organic Madagascan Vanilla. The Ethyl Alcohol is both Kosha and GM Free and the water is pure New Zealand Spring water. The whole product is Gluten Free. Choose this product to compliment the Tahitian variety 50ml for that point of difference.

This Product is Gluten Free

Size: 50ml


Organic (Cert) Madagascan Vanilla Pods 3 Piece Tube
Equagold sources these plump fragrant organic vanilla pods from the Madagascar, the World’s biggest producers of Vanilla.

You can be assured that the “raw material certified by Ecocert is in accordance with the Ecological and Organic standard” and “100 % of the total ingredients are produced by Organic Farming”.

Nothing has been compromised in the growing of these Planifolia or commonly called Bourbon Vanilla Pods. They are moist, plump and full of seed. Sold in Equagolds familiar tube pack containing three pods. Look for the Ecocert logo.

Pacific Bourbon Variety double strength best vanilla extract new zealand_250

Pacific Bourbon Vanilla Extract New Double Strength 50ml

Size: 50ml

Pacific Tahitian Variety best vanilla extract equagold quality 100ml_250

Tahitian Vanilla Extract
This is a single fold extract made to international specifications. Real Vanilla is a complex mix of more than 400 separate flavours which are extracted for a minimum of 5 months.

Equagold’s extracts always exceeds this time requirement.

This is a pure extract made by the cold press method and contains only pure New Zealand spring water, alcohol (35% vol) and vanilla pods. A single fold extract is sometimes referred to as “domestic strength” and should be used as directed by the recipe.

Also available in 250ml and 50ml bottles. 2 Fold Extract is available for trade users.

Gluten Free

Size: 50ml, 100ml, 250ml

Pure Vanilla Pods best quality Equagold_1_250

Tahitian Vanilla Gourmet Pods 16cm
Renowned for their fruity fragrance and prune and cherry flavours these Tahitiensis variety pods are plump, luscious and oily.

All pods are sorted again on receipt and only the best are offered to retailers packed in Equagold’s purpose made foil backed bags or our tubes.

The Foil Backed Bags contain two pods while the Tubes contain four pods. Pods are approximately 16 to 17cm long and will stay moist and supple for 9 to 12 months if resealed after use and placed in a cool, dark cupboard.

TIPS: Dried pods can be used by placing them in with fruit for poaching, or directly into cream/milk for heating, as in a Brulee or Pannacotta. One they have become plump just lift them out onto the edge of the pot and split them to allow scraping the seed into the dessert.

Remember because much of the flavour of a vanilla pod is in the skin you can alays remove them and dry them for use in other dishes or in sugar.

Trade Distributors buy by the kilo and sell by weight.

Size: 2pod, 4pod

Tahitian Vanilla Syrup desert seeds pod equagold_250

Tahitian Vanilla Syrup 200ml (w/ vanilla seeds)
Developed originally for Piako Yogurt this syrup is delicate and rich in flavour. Suspended Vanilla seeds add to the overall effect while the use of pure pectin provides the smoothness and viscosity.

Ideal over ice cream, waffles, crepes, pancakes, in plain yogurt and even over boiled carrots to sweeten them up.

Pure Vanilla Extract with Cardamom_250

Vanilla & Cardamom Extract 50ml (Gluten Free)
Vanilla and Cardamom Extract is a completely new flavour. Both Vanilla and Cardamom pods are extracted to form a complimentary flavour that is uniquely Equagold. It is ideal as a match with any orange based dessert or baking but it great in plain biscuits and cakes such as Feijoa Cake.

Gluten Free

Herb Sea Salt vanilla Equagold NZ_250

Vanilla & Herb Sea Salt in Handy Grinder 100gm
Our own special blend of vanilla and herbs make this salt the perfect spice for salmon & other sea food as well as pork, poultry and game.

Also developed with the guidance of another well known chef you can be assured that this handy grinder pack will become and important asset in your pantry.


  • lift the skin on chicken breasts or boneless thighs, and sprinke some Vanilla & Herb Sea Salt over the flesh before cooking.
  • give potatoes a lift by using this salt to season, either during the cooking, or adding in when mashing
Pure Vanilla with Star Anise_250

Vanilla & Star Anise Extract 50ml
Equagold Pure Vanilla Anise Extract is a must-have culinary pantry addition… if you love anise you will be overjoyed with this aromatic and distinctive extract. All our extracts are made with the finest Tahitian Vanilla Pods available. To ensure an impressive complexity of flavour, Equagold extracts its vanilla for between five and seven months using only Natural Spring Water, Alcohol (35%) Only the best, top grade star anise seed pods are used to ensure a pure and smooth exotic flavour.

Vanilla and Star Anise Extract is a complimentary combination of flavours, helping you to deliver something completely different. Perfect with stewed fruits, poached pears, muffins, cakes, cocktails and our TIP… add some to your blend when you soak your sultanas and raisins.

Developed with Chefs in mind this product is a great way to enhance specific fine food dishes, delivered in a 50ml glass bottle

Size: 50ml


Vanilla Infused Grapeseed Oil 250ml
Grapeseed oil is the ideal carrier of vanilla flavours because of its inherent neutrality. Developed with one of New Zealand’s leading Chefs this oil has natural anti oxidant qualities, no cholesterol, and it can be heated to more than 485°F without smoking.

Available in a 250ml Bottle.

  • Use in baking instead of vegetable oil
  • Excellent when pan frying fish
  • Use when making a vinaigrette for chicken or salmon salads
  • As an alternative to olive oil
  • Try Equagold Pure Vanilla Grapeseed Oil when roasting pork with peeled half pears and kumara
Pure Vanilla Equagold Paste New Zealand 30gm_250

Vanilla Paste 30g Pure (no gums/thickners)
Equagold’s Vanilla Paste is made without the use of thickeners or gums. It is an intensely vanilla flavoured paste full of seeds making it a favourite of Chefs and Caterers.

Equagold’s paste is made using vanilla seeds, ground vanilla, vanilla extract and sugar (25%) and is a thick but flowing viscous paste. It delivers the expected flavour as well as the vanilla specs appearance. Approximately a quarter teaspoon is equal to one Vanilla Pod.

Size: 30g

Ground Vanilla Pods_250

Vanilla Powder 20g Gold Foil Bag (Alternative to Extract)
Freeze dried then ground to a fine powder this packet of Vanilla is equivalent to 5 Vanilla pods. Use in place of pods for convenience as an alternative to Vanilla Extract.

Size: 20g