SHOTT Beverages was founded in 2007 by Richard Plimmer, a former owner of Juice Express, and Tami and Simon Louisson, who owned Nectar Juices. They named their new drinks SHOTT because the flavours were so intense, people said they were like biting into the freshly picked fruit.

Since then, SHOTT has soared. Twice, we’ve been named in the Deloittes Fast 50 and in 2012 we were chosen as one of just 16 companies to showcase New Zealand food and beverage innovators at the Rugby World Cup.

SHOTT Coffee Syrup

Buttery, rich and goo-ey, like soft caramel chews or those warm slithery sauces you pour over a steamed pudding.

Size: 500ml, 750ml

Take a walk through an Indian market, without the hard sell. All the beautiful tastes and aromas of authentic Chai Latte. Those extracts of cinnamon, clove, and cardamom will sure bring a smile. Sari – optional.

Size: 500ml, 750ml

One taste of all that compacted crunchiness and distinctive roasted nuttiness and you may very well go nuts yourself. Let the flavour take you.

Size: 500ml, 750ml

Exotic and complex vanilla bean flavour with warm oak undertones and an earthly robust aroma. The syrup has such a seductive fragrance it’s almost a pickup line – and then, there’s that rich, creamy taste.

Size: 500ml

SHOTT Fruit Syrup


With its cheeky yellow polka-dot flesh, this little number just walks straight on up to your senses in its high heels and asks for a dance. Causes a stir wherever it goes: cocktails; fruit smoothies; desserts; and summer drinks.

Size: 500ml


One to sit with and wait for the beautiful people to come to you. We put cranberry, lime and a splash of orange together on a date and this is what they came back with. A modern classic that you can just add soda water to.

Size: 500ml